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May 2022
May 2022
May 2022
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Projected Night - May 2022 (7:00 PM PDT)
The deadline for entering images is 2 PM the day before the meeting. (Monday by 2 PM.) Images cannot be accepted after this deadline. All digital images must be in jpeg format and no more than 1920 pixels wide and no more than 1200 pixels high. The recommended color space is sRGB. Visit the FAQ if you have questions. Visitors attending the meeting may submit one image for commentary with no judging into Category X. Go to our Meetup page to RSVP. You will then be emailed instructions on how to submit your image. Dues-paying members of the Seattle Photographic Society may submit two images across the Categories of Creative, Nature, Open, and Theme.   Every month there will be a new Theme. May's Theme is "Food." A still-life of colorful produce. Steam coming off of a cup of coffee. Your gourmet dinner. A busy scene at an outdoor barbeque. How will you interpret this Theme?        The rules and explanations for our Competition Categories can be found on the Competition Categories page, or you can click on each Category below for an explanation with example images -  Creative Nature Open Themes You can find the Zoom link for the meeting under "our Club." This page is accessible to members only. You must be logged in to see it. Guests must register through Meetup. © Copyright 2013-2022 for the website by Seattle Photographic Society and for images by the photographer. All rights reserved. Request prior written permission from the photographer to reproduce their images. Website questions or comments please contact
Print Night (7:00 PM PDT)
Proof of vaccination and masks are currently required. To help the meeting run smoother, before the meeting please take a photo of your vaccination card and email it to  You will only have to do this once.  We will break up into groups of 4-7 people to discuss the prints. Written comments will be provided to the maker of each print. Guests may bring one print for critique. Dues-paying members of Seattle Photographic Society may submit two prints for critique and scoring.  There are no restrictions on subject matter, technique, or digital editing, as long as the image meets the basic requirements for all submitted images. Our Print Categories are - Small Color, Large Color, Small Monochrome, and Large Monochrome. A monochrome image is defined as an image with a single global color or tone, plus white. It includes traditional black and white images, sepia toned images, or images with any other single color. Prints must be matted or mounted so that they can stand up on their own, but not framed or covered by glass. Each print must fit the following size restrictions: Small Prints have a minimum print size of 4x6 inches, and a maximum print size of 8x12 inches. Large Prints have a minimum print size of 8x10 inches, and a maximum print size of 16x30 inches. An 8x12 image may be entered into either the Small or Large category. It is the maker's choice. All prints have a size restriction (including mat) of no smaller than 8x10 inches and no larger than 30 inches wide or 24 inches tall (to fit on our display board). Prints will need two items taped to the back for judging and written comments. You can fill these in and print them out ahead of time by using this template - Print Night Card Blanks.  (You should only need to download and save this file once.) Type in your info, print it out, and tape to the back of each Print. Please submit a digital copy of your image to the appropriate category before the meeting by g
Education Night - Experimental Photography goes mobile (7:00 PM PDT)
The Zoom link for the meeting will be the 2nd one listed on the Zoom links page - the one used for Education Nights. (This page is accessible to members only, and you must be logged in to see it.) Guests must register through Meetup. Experimental Photography goes mobile. Turn your mobile images into amazing art…right on your mobile device. Come explore the possibilities with Lisa Carney as she guides you through the third-party apps development process and shows you how to shoot to create fantastic works of art straight from your mobile device.  Is it image capture, illustration...or a magical melding of the two? Let loose. Expand your thinking of what the photograph can be. Bio: I'm an entertainment retoucher with a photographer's soul. My work tell stories rendered in pure light. Because, at the end of the day, it's all about the light. Capturing it. Refining it. Harnessing it to create mood. Theme. Stories. I am a lecturer on the Adobe circuit specializing in Mobile Photography and editing. I have have a 30 year career in Entertainment making One Sheets. Graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BS in Photography. My undergraduate study was in Art History/Studio Arts minor from San Francisco State University.  I currently have courses specializing in: Mobile Photography , Photo editing and Photoshop on Creativelive, Kelbyone, AdobeMax. Links: Web: Instagram : Linked in: Behance:

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