Our History

Seattle Photographic Society was founded on October 18, 1933, in room 603 of the YMCA Building.




Our Volunteers

A board composed of four Officers and up to ten Directors and Coordinators govern SPS. Officers and Directors are elected by the membership for a staggered two-year term. Coordinators are appointed as needed by the Board to fulfill ongoing functions, and are not subject to term limits. The President and Vice President are elected in odd numbered years. The Treasurer and Secretary are elected in even numbered years. Election are held on the 1st Tuesday in June. Newly elected Officers and Directors take office on July 1st.

All SPS members are welcome to attend board meetings, but only Board members may vote.

  • President - Sheri Diggins
  • Vice Presidents - Leia Smith, Mercedes Perez (elected 2021)
  • Membership Director - Holly Hauser (elected 2020)
  • Projected Image Director - Julee Ann Jackson
  • Print Director - Alan Moodie
  • Treasurer - Alicia Richards (elected 2020)
  • Secretary - Jerry Dunbar (elected 2020)
  • Webmaster - Bill Ray
  • Education Program - Mercedes Perez, Pamela Cain
  • New Member Mentor Program -  Gary Marcos

Members at Large -

  • Michele Schuler - elected 2019
  • Pamela Cain - elected 2021

Representative to the Northwest Council of Camera Clubs - Jerry Dunbar 

Contact us:  info@seattlephotography.org 


Dates to Remember

   Competition year

May 1 - April 30

   Final acceptance date for End of Year         Competitions

3rd Tuesday in May

   Annual Meeting / Election of Officers         and Board Members

1st Tuesday in June

   Annual Awards &

   Appreciation Banquet

4th Tuesday in June

   Holiday Potluck Dinner

3rd Tuesday in December



Newsletters - Past Issues of the Cable Release Newsletter

Distinguished Service Award




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