Creative (Abstracts / Patterns / Altered Reality) 

Images must be in jpeg format, no more than 1920 pixels wide, and no more than 1200 pixels high. The recommended color space is sRGB. Images may be color, infrared, or monochrome. All types of post-processing is allowed, including the use of filters and composite images. If an image is a composite, all images used must have been taken by the maker. For example, do not use a sky provided by Photoshop if you use the "Sky Replacement" tool. 

A member may submit two images total among the Categories of CreativeNature, and Open. 

Types of images in the Creative Category can include -

Abstracts (an image consisting solely of shapes, colors, and/or textures.)




Altered Reality - the image may no longer be a true or realistic presentation of the subject due to obvious use of filters, composites, or other techniques to produce a special effect.


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