The purpose of an assignment is to encourage technical and creative growth. These optional assignments are techniques or subject themes assigned by the SPS Board. It is preferable, but not necessary, that the images be made during the current competition year.

In the Print Division, if two prints are submitted on an Assignment night at least one (but only one) must be submitted as an Assignment. The other print may be submitted into any of the other regular Print Categories. You may not enter two non-assignment prints. If you do not have an Assignment print, you can only enter one Print.

In the Projected Division, a member is not required to submit an Assignment image. 

New rules regarding Assignment submissions - The rules around Assignments for Projected Meetings are being simplified. On Assignment Nights, there will be 4 Competitions that you can submit images into - our regular CreativeNature, and Open Competitions, and also a 4th Competition of Assignment-Assignment Topic-Category. (Assignment-Toys-Open.) You may enter the usual 2 images total, spread over these Competitions as you chose. (You may now enter 2 Assignment images if you wish, for example, or up to 2 images in the Open Category without needing to submit an Assignment image.)

The Assignment Competition image(s) will still need to conform to the Category restrictions. Assignment-Panorama-Nature images will still need to follow the Nature rules, for example.




  • Open – Toy or Toys – December 7th
  • Nature – Panorama – February 1st
  • Creative – The Orton Effect – April 5th (An Education night on how to do this will be held on February 15th.)



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