Every month we will have a different "Theme." The purpose of these Themes is to encourage technical and creative growth. It is preferable, but not necessary, that the images be made during the current competition year. Images submitted into this Category must fit that month's Theme.

Images must be in jpeg format, no more than 1920 pixels wide, and no more than 1200 pixels high. The recommended color space is sRGB. Images may be color, infrared, or monochrome.  

There are no restrictions on digital editing. Cloning, filters, composite images, etc., are all allowed. All images used must have been taken by the maker. (For example, do not use a sky provided by Photoshop if you use the "Sky Replacement" tool.) Use of clip art or other vector graphics is not allowed, as it is felt that those additions are more appropriate to graphic design rather than photography. Images generated by artificial intelligence are not eligible for entry.

 Themes for 2023-2024

May - Texture – rust, peeling paint, sand, pebbles. The world is full of textures, and photographers love to photograph them.
June - From a different perspective
July - Shadows 
August - Path
Sept - Dry
Oct - Silhouette 
 Nov - Still life
Dec - Play
Jan - Minimalism - Minimalism focuses on lines, colors, and geometry instead of scenes or accurate depictions of nature.
Feb - Up close
March - Black and white
April - Transportation 



Print Assignments

In the Print Division, if two prints are submitted on an Assignment night at least one (but only one) must be submitted as an Assignment. The other print may be submitted into any of the other regular Print Categories. You may not enter two non-assignment prints. If you do not have an Assignment print, you can only enter one Print.





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