Every month we will have a different "Theme." The purpose of these Themes is to encourage technical and creative growth. It is preferable, but not necessary, that the images be made during the current competition year. Images submitted into this Category must fit that month's Theme.

Images must be in jpeg format, no more than 1920 pixels wide, and no more than 1200 pixels high. The recommended color space is sRGB. Images may be color, infrared, or monochrome.  

There are no restrictions on digital editing. Cloning, filters, composite images, etc., are all allowed. All images used must have been taken by the maker. (For example, do not use a sky provided by Photoshop if you use the "Sky Replacement" tool.) Use of clip art or other vector graphics is not allowed, as it is felt that those additions are more appropriate to graphic design rather than photography.

2022-2023 Themes

May 3, 2022 - FoodA still-life of colorful produce. Steam coming off of a cup of coffee. Your gourmet dinner. Or busy scene at an outdoor barbeque, as shown in the example image. How will you interpret this Theme? 

June 7,2022 - In the forestTowering trees. Tiny mushrooms. Delicate flowers. Shy wildlife. What will you find "In the Forest?"

 July 5, 2022 - Backlighting Backlighting is a lighting technique where the light is placed behind or at right angles to an object, person, or scene. This can be used to cause separation of subject and background, as in the example image. It can also produce dramatic silhouettes. In portraits, placing the light directly behind the subject can cause the diffused light to create a warm glow behind the subject. This article on "What is Backlighting?" has some useful tips.

Aug 2, 2022 - Reflection(s) From lakes, to puddles, and even raindrops, to windows, mirrors, glass balls and even cell phone screens - reflections are everywhere. 

Sept 6, 2022 - Bridge(s) Photographers seem to be drawn to bridges. Even if architecture is not a favorite subject, the curving and graceful lines of bridges can be irresistible to photograph. 

Oct 4, 2022 - Long exposure - Everyone is familiar with using a long exposure to capture a silky look to a waterfall. But this versatile technique can be used for so many other things. Using a neutral density filter and a long exposure can produce some interesting effects on clouds and lakes too, as seen in the example image. You can also try it on a lighted and moving subject like The Great Wheel, or someone spinning fire. "Light painting" is a technique where an otherwise dark subject is literally painted with a light source over a longer period of time. And of course, don't forget star trails and Milky Way shots. 

Nov 1, 2022 - Dilapidated - "in a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect." Old buildings. Peeling paint. Rusted metal. Photographers love finding the hidden beauty in these decaying objects. 

Dec 6, 2022 - High key - "High key photography is a style of photography that uses unusually bright lighting to reduce or completely blow out dark shadows in the image. High key shots usually lack dark tones and the high key look is generally thought of as positive and upbeat." - from "How to Shoot High Key Photography"

In High Key images, the histogram is typically all on the right side. These types of images also typically have an all white background. While often used in portrait photography, this technique can also be used in other types of images. "Creating a High Key Landscape" will show you how. 

Jan 3, 2023 - Symmetry - "In photography symmetry appears when parts of your composition mirror other parts. It is created when two halves of your scene look the same and balance each other out." From "Symmetry in Photography." Symmetry can be horizontal, vertical, or even radial, as in the example image. 

Feb 7, 2023 - Night - Photographing at night opens up exciting new subjects such as the night sky, star trails, the full moon, and the Milky Way. Buildings or fountains that are illuminated can also make interesting subjects. Or the photographer can focus on the dark and moody feeling that can be created at night, as seen in the example image.

March 7, 2023 - Looking through a window or doorway - The example image beautifully captures the powerful way an image can "put you in the scene."

April 4, 2023 - Seascape - sunsets over the ocean, people walking along the beach, tidepools, or as in the example image - a dramatic crashing wave. The sea offers endless possibilities. 


Print Assignments

In the Print Division, if two prints are submitted on an Assignment night at least one (but only one) must be submitted as an Assignment. The other print may be submitted into any of the other regular Print Categories. You may not enter two non-assignment prints. If you do not have an Assignment print, you can only enter one Print.





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